The Perfect Beach Day!

The warm rays of sunshine on your skin, a cool drink, an exciting book or your favorite music in your ears. A relaxing day at the beach is something nice! So that you can spend your day carefree, here are the must-haves for the perfect beach day. You'll find tips , the perfect playlist and even a checklist so you'll never forget to pack anything again.


Of course you need the perfect bikini . If you haven't found it yet, you'll definitely find your new favorite bikini in our shop from 2021. Until then, you'll have to be patient a little longer. If you don't yet know which bikini color suits your type, then this blog post will definitely help you.
Also pack cute cover ups if you want to sit down in a bar or restaurant. These can be playful or fun. Complete your outfit with a hat or a hair scarf . Avoid jewelry on the beach? Of course not! But make sure that it is subtle and of high quality so that it does not rub off. Stand motifs such as shells or small pearls give your outfit the finishing touch. Stylish sunglasses are also a must. But it should not only be stylish, but also serve its purpose, UV protection is a must.


So that you don't have to sit with your butt in the sand, you definitely need a beach towel . There are many stylish bath towels , but if you like practical things, then you should definitely look for a microfiber beach towel. You can fold these very small and fit perfectly into any beach bag without taking up much space.
Nobody wants to get sunburned , so it's time to apply lotion and it's better to use too much than too little. Use special facial sunscreen for your face; these are not so greasy and do not make your face shine. Avoid tanning oils at the beginning; once you have a natural tan, you can use oils to help a little. But be careful, always make sure that you use an oil with a protective factor . Lotions with shimmer particles ensure a beautiful glow . You can find these in well-known drugstores or larger supermarkets.
We women use our wallets because we store so many cards and knick-knacks that we can't use on the beach. It's best to pack a small extra bag for your cash and the most important cards . Of course, your cell phone shouldn't be missing either, so you can take great beach pictures for Instagram . If you would like to know how to create the perfect Instastory for your beach day, then take a look here . We'll tell you the tricks!


A day at the beach can be long, so pack an exciting book or e-book . Do you prefer listening to music instead of reading a book? Then we have just the thing for you, the Sweet Remind every day playlist . There you will find a perfect mix of songs to get you in the right mood .
Apparently there are also active sweeties among you. 😊 So that you can enjoy the day in your own way, be sure to pack a volleyball . Volleyball is the perfect pastime on the beach and you can meet new people super quickly.

Drinks and Food

Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water , your body will thank you. It's best to pack a cool box with drinks and snacks so you can save money. Of course, you can also pack sweet drinks or an ice cream parlor . You can find a delicious recipe in our food blog . There you will also find tips for vegan alternatives and maybe even snack inspiration for your cool box. For example, a delicious couscous salad is prepared very quickly and is perfect for a picnic on the beach.


So that you can think of everything for your next trip, you can print out our checklist!

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