We would like to REMIND you that the environment is important!

Almost four million tons of plastic are produced worldwide every year and unfortunately a large part of it ends up in the ocean. At Sweet Remind, we are consciously committed to plastic-free production and packaging of our bikinis to help solve the fashion industry's waste problem.

  • All of our bikinis are made from recycled materials , meaning you can actively contribute to cleaning the world's oceans. Up to 78% of our fabrics come from former marine waste such as PET bottles and fishing nets.
  • We use plastic-free solutions in both production and shipping to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.
  • We produce our bikinis in Portugal . In this way, we prevent long transport routes and unnecessary Co2 emissions.

Recycled fabrics

Instead of using the traditional nylon fabric made from crude oil, we decided to make our bikinis from the environmentally friendly ECONYL fabric. For the production of ECONYL, waste such as fabric scraps, plastic waste and old fishing nets from the ocean are recycled. Fishing nets alone account for around 10% of marine litter. But don't worry, the fabrics are in no way reminiscent of waste products, on the contrary: our bikini fabric made from recycled materials is resistant, stretchy, soft and breathable. So you can look forward to a uniquely pleasant feeling on your skin. Thanks to the innovative construction, it is even twice as resistant to chlorine and sun creams as the competitors' fabrics.

By ordering from Sweet Remind, you are making an important contribution to cleaning up the world's oceans and promoting sustainable and environmentally conscious production of bikinis.