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For many of us, it is very difficult to find the perfect bikini, not only because of the cut but also because of the color selection. Of course, all of our sweeties look super hot in a bikini, no matter what color it is. But with the right color you can emphasize your beauty. That's why you can find out here which bikini color suits your skin type.

We don't all look the same and that's a good thing. Some of us have very light skin, others are tanned, and some have dark skin. Every skin color has its own beauty and can be celebrated here. Unfortunately, not every color is suitable for every skin type, so it is very important to know which color suits your skin type. You show a lot of skin in a bikini, so the bikini color simply has to be right. Find your perfect bikini color with the Sweet Remind Guide here.

Do you have a very light skin tone? Then here are your tips

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When buying a bikini, it is important to make sure that the color does not contrast strongly with your light skin tone. That's why black, white or bright bikinis are not necessarily suitable for you. The best way to underline your beautiful, delicate skin is with pastel tones. Bikinis in light blue , pink or even light green can flatter your appearance.

As a little extra tip , you can match the bikini color with your eye color. For example, blue and green eyes can be highlighted. But hair accessories such as scrunchies and scarves in matching colors also complete your bikini outfit.

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The perfect colors for sun-kissed skin

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If you have a naturally brown complexion or are tanned, you can emphasize this with bright colors. Pink , orange or red , the color pot knows no limits for you, use it as you wish. But don't be afraid of patterns, flowers , stripes or even batik can be worn well. Golden elements on bikinis and swimsuits also go very well with your warm skin tone. You can enhance your beach look with gold jewelry such as earrings, necklaces or even belly chains. However, you should make sure that the jewelry is of good quality. If water comes into contact with cheap jewelry, unsightly stains can occur.

The right colors for women with dark skin

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Black and white bikinis are quickly labeled as basic and unspectacular, but on you they look sexy and stylish. But with your dark skin you can actually wear anything. So don't be afraid of contrast, celebrate your beautiful dark skin and accentuate it with strong colors . Pink , red and rust tones especially look very beautiful on you.

To personalize your beach outfit, tie a scarf in your hair and create the right accessory for your look.

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We hope you enjoyed our blog post and found it helpful. Please write your questions or comments in the comments. We are happy about every feedback.

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