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This is about the most famous social media platform that we all probably know and probably use every day: Instagram . Every day we share our favorite moments and our thoughts with friends, family and followers. With Instagram Stories we can capture and document events. There are different options to make this as exciting and appealing as possible. These go far beyond the standard tools and with a little creativity you can create unique effects for your texts and images.

In this blog post we will give you tips and tricks to design your Instagram presence creatively.

Color background

Sometimes you don't want to share a photo with your community, but rather thoughts or tips. A plain colored background is best suited for this. You can easily color this. To do this, you first have to take a photo and then click on the painting function. You will then be shown different colors. If you hold your finger on a color bubble longer, you can select a color you want. Now you tap on the image for a few seconds so you can color the entire screen.

Extra tip: Use subtle and bright colors, these are best suited for a beautiful background of text. You can also use the painting function to draw patterns and shapes that extend beyond the edge. It always looks really cool as a background for a photo! You can find examples of this on our Pinterest account.

Domino font

With the “Classic” font you can put words together like dominoes . To do this, you have to type each letter individually and choose a background color. Then you can put the letters together to form the word you want and voilà you create a cool domino effect . This is a sweet idea for the pictures of your OOTDs , but it is also very suitable for the perfect vacation picture . The colors make it!

Putting together collages

Would you like to post a picture in your story with an atmospheric background or create a nice collage with several pictures from your vacation as a souvenir? Then you can easily copy a photo from your album and paste it into your story. On our Pinterest account you will find great templates that you can use for your collages .

Story stickers and gifs

You can find a lot of different gifs on Instagram. With the right ones, you can be creative with your story and bring images to life. Here are our favorite gifs:

  • mikyla
  • boho
  • vipaper
  • foopklo
But you can also brighten up your posts with so-called story stickers.

You can buy many different story stickers online, but here you can find the free stickers from Carmushka .

Fonts and font background

The “ typewriter ” or “ bold ” font is great as a text background. To do this, all you have to do is type in spaces of the desired length and highlight them in color. Then position the empty text field and place your text over it.

If you leave a space between the letters when writing, you will generate a cool effect . This way you can use the existing fonts to make your Insta stories stand out from the others. But you can also create cool things with simple underscores or dots. You can see a tutorial for this here in this Pinterest post .

Extra tip : On Instagram you have different fonts available for your stories. With the Fonts app you can add additional fonts to your keyboard. These are great for creating cool stories.

Write us in the comments if this blog helped you. We look forward to any feedback from you! You can also find more tips and inspiration on the topic of Instagram Stories on our Pinterest profile .

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