Remind joggers 2022


It's getting cozy!

In the winter months there is nothing better than throwing yourself into a comfortable jogger and enjoying your time at home. That's why we decided to design a REMIND jogger. This is now available under Loungewear .

Look and feel

We wanted to stay true to our principles and chose sustainable fabric for both the joggers and the bikinis. The sweater and pants are made from 30% recycled polyester and 70% organic cotton. Thanks to this composition, the jogger has an elegant finish and is at the same time very easy to care for.

Make a gift

Our loungewear can easily be given as a gift. Download the following PDF file now and print it out conveniently at home. This way you won't be left empty-handed and you can give your loved ones a purchase certificate. If you enter your loved one's delivery address when ordering, the jogger will then be sent directly to the recipient.
If you are still unsure, give away a gift card , which can be used for all products in the shop. This way you are guaranteed to give the right gift.

Download here

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