1 bikini - many styles

The instruction


Our triangle top can be laced in different ways. Here you will find instructions for the different styles. This way you will definitely never get bored!


Here you can see the standard lacing of the IVY top. If, for example, you want to sunbathe or don't feel like lacing at the front, you can easily tie the straps on the back.

Style 2

If you unthread the straps, you can easily tie them around your neck. If you have a larger bust size, this will give your top better support. Here too, you can knot the ribbons at the front or back as you wish.

Style 3

For this style you have to push the two pads apart to allow for extra space on your back. Then pull the pads forward up to your breasts. Tie the straps around your neck and cross the ties at the front.

Style 4

For this style, you need to push the pads apart and place them around your neck. Make sure the bottom of the pads face outwards. The straps are crossed at the front and knotted at the back. You can either tie the straps on the back or cross them at the back and tie them at the front as shown in the picture.

Style 5

To create this style, you'll need to rotate your bikini so that the bottom of the pads are facing up and the triangle tips are facing the side. You then knot the straps on the back. You can either tie the ties around your neck or cross them on your back as shown, pull them forward, cross them again on your stomach and then knot them at the back.

Style 6

Make a bandeau style out of the triangle bikini by letting the bottom of the bikini face each other in the middle. Either tie it directly at the back or cross it again at the front and tie it around your neck.